About Hawaii Remote

What’s this site about?

It’s a hub for all those currently working remotely, desiring to work remotely, or supporting remote work in Hawaii. 🌴 Please check back as the resource lists are ramped up!

This is still in the experimental stage. I’m learning what your needs are, readers! So please subscribe to my newsletter and also e-mail me at contact at dhrp.net with your thoughts. I am open for questions/comments on what you hope to see on this site.

What do the ‘d’ and ‘p’ stand for in dHRp.net?

I inherited the domain name from my dad, and decided to finally put it to real use. Let the “d” and “p” stand for “Dedicated Hawaii Remote Professionals” until I think of something better!

Who runs this site?

Just one person – so go easy on me – who lives in Honolulu and is very smart and cool and is kind to animals, and has laser-beam vision.

Btw, if you’re looking for unique, original gear, gifts, or fabric, check out my artwork here and here.

🤙 It’s Zandra Kubota, ya’ll 👋

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